Wild Game Processing

Processing Fees

$60 Deer

$60 Hog

$35 Elk (per quarter)

includes: cuts, packaging, and freezing

Processing Additional Fees 


Wild Game-ground meat with fat 

$ 1.50 lb

Wild Game-ground meat no fat 

$ 1.00 lb


$ 10.00


$ 0.50 lb


$ 0.50 lb

Additional spices

$0.50 lb

Wild Game Gourmet Sausage's

A 25 lb minimum order (per flavor sausage)

Standard Sausage beginning at $4.00 lb

Additional spices $0.50 lb (per)

Butcherman's Gourmet Sausage Wild Game Policy

Butcherman's Gourmet Sausage does not sell wild game to the public.

Butcherman's Gourmet Sausage adheres to Texas state law, as well as the other 49 states where the game may have been harvested. 

Butcherman's Gourmet Sausage  will not accept any wild game not taken in strict accordance with state (s) laws.

Butcherman's Gourmet Sausage will not field dress, skin, or quarter your wild game.

We reserve the right to refuse any venison that does not smell fresh, or is not cleaned properly.  

We inspect all cut-up venison as it arrives. The venison is then inspected a second time before further processing. 

If there are any questions, please call us before arriving with wild game. 

Thank you we appreciate all our customers and your business!